Who We Are

Formed on November 25, 2009, the African Canadian Federation of London and Area (ACFOLA) is a non-profit organization based in London, Ontario. ACFOLA is an umbrella organization of African Canadian associations and individuals. The organization sees its role as encouraging its members to participate and be included in economic, social and cultural development. Its strategic direction is to contribute to developing London, Ontario and surrounding areas as a socially and economically prosperous region in which no one is left behind.

Strategically, ACFOLA is focused on:

  • working with African community associations and individuals;
  • helping African Canadians to be involved and be part of their local communities;
  • empowering African Canadians through cultural awareness, health, education and employment; and
  • pulling together the strengths of ACFOLA’s members, friends and associates.

We believe our activities will result in stronger African Canadian communities and families, which will translate into increased cultural awareness and civic responsibility that will enhance the social and economic advancement of African Canadian individuals and communities – to improve the vitality of our communities and cities. ACFOLA has a shared mission with other African organizations, and it works closely with these organizations to enhance and expand access to quality, community-responsive social programs for all African Canadians who are under-served and underrepresented. We also strive towards the inclusion, engagement and integration of everyone in community life and development of London and area. Through its private and public partnerships and sponsorship, ACFOLA assists by identifying and addressing the needs and aspirations of African Canadians in London, Ontario and surrounding areas.



To unite African-Canadian individuals and organizations through collaborative efforts that promote inclusion, integration and engagement in London and area; and to promote our individual, group and community welfare regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender.



The Founding Members of ACFOLA (FMA) were: Ahmed Yahya Ali, Amedeo Martin Awai, Nader Abdelmajed, Cecil Omoruwa, Clare Jeng, Donald Mugisha, Faduma Amin, Georgina Njoku, Hasebenebi Hasebenebi, Ifeanyi Emesowum, Dr.Momodou S. Jeng (Mo), Tesfai Buzamlak.
These FMA members from our African Community had a vision to unite all African Canadians in London and area under one and unifying umbrella organization. They were actively involved in forming the first Board of ACFOLA and supporting the Committee in charge of writing ACFOLA’s Constitution. In addition, the founding Board was established soon after our African Community’s Elders had recognized the following members that represented ACFOLA’s leadership, composed of the following names:

Cecil Omoruwa, President
Dr. Donald Mugisha, Vice President
Amedeo Awai, Secretary
Nader Abdelmajed, Treasurer
Ahmed Yahya Ali, Public Relations
Dr. Momodou S. Jeng (Mo), Outreach
Faduma Amin, Family Matters
Clare Jeng, Women and Youth Matters
Georgina Njoku, Spokeswoman

ACFOLA’s Board of Directors is elected from its members, and each Member of the Board is elected as an individual, even if s/he belongs to one of the organizations listed above. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations & Communication Officer are elected from within the Board of Directors.



A unified, inclusive and empowered African-Canadian community in London and area.



In fulfilling its mission, ACFOLA

  • will implement programs and projects that focus on economic development, financial security, career and employment, small business development, healthcare, family, African heritage, culture, and social justice for under-served and under-represented African Canadians;
  • will serve as the major source for information, data, research and advocacy on key issues affecting community-based organizations;
  • will work with all community groups to provide education, training, technical assistance and leadership development to African Canadian communities, centers, boards, employees and others to promote excellence and cost-effectiveness in the importance of preserving and learning about our differences and similarities as African Canadians; and
  • will collaborate with various interest groups to build partnerships and linkages that will stimulate public and private sector investment in the delivery of quality community services to under-served communities.