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Whereas we the members of the African Canadian community (both Anglophone and Francophone) residing in London and area (Ontario, Canada) are mindful of our cultural heritage as the major unifying factor providing us with an identity, unity of purpose and serves as the driving force in all our endeavors;

Whereas we are conscious of the diverse nature of our background and the different languages spoken and religions practiced by our members;

Whereas we are aware of the aspirations of our community, being one of the ethno-cultural groups in the Canadian mosaic;

Now therefore, may it be known and understood that we the members of the various African organizations in London Ontario, desire to unite freely, and voluntarily under one Federation, the African Canadian Federation of London and Area Inc., also referred to as ACFOLA for the purpose of enhancing cooperation and understanding among and between ourselves and the rest of the Canadian society, and to preserve our common cultural heritage while recognizing our separate identities.

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Constitution-ofConstitution-of-ACFOLA-2016-AMENDED- SGM Sept 15, 2018ACFOLA