Black History Month

ACFOLA was first invited to participate in Black History Month events in February, 2011. Since then ACFOLA has participated in different Black History Month events as part of their community involvement and engagement goal.

ACFOLA’s Participation

Opening Ceremony: ACFOLA participates and fully supports the Opening Ceremony held yearly at the London Arts Museum. From 2011-2013 ACFOLA supported the event by teaming up with other African Associations in London that are also ACFOLA members and individuals who have volunteered time, resources and materials to fulfill the conditions of participation at the event. ACFOLA’s display table at the event is usually furnished with artifacts from different parts of Africa, flags from member countries, the African game ‘mancala’ (which attracts visitors to stay a little longer at the table), brochures and information about the organization. Some local politicians visited ACFOLA’s table with words of encouragement as they have recognized our contribution within the London community. The popular African snack Puff Puff is usually donated to the table of delicacies for visitors to enjoy.

Family Day: On Family day, February 18, 2013 at the London Children’s Museum, ACFOLA donated the popular African snack puff puffs and also muffins at the Black History month children’s event.

Closing Gala: For the past three years, ACFOLA has been represented at the Closing Gala. In 2013, Shamara Biadobonso, ACFOLA’s Vice President and Black History Month coordinating committee chair was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee medal for her community service at the closing Gala. In 2012, ACFOLA was represented by Dr. Mo Jeng at the Symposium panel held at the LCCLC.

ACFOLA would like to thank the Black History Month Coordinating Committee for inviting us to participate and contribute in this yearly historic event. We would also like to thank ACFOLA’s events and planning committee members for their time and generous donations of food and printing materials, and also to member organizations and the general membership for taking part and supporting Black History month events.