April 2019 Update

Whats new in our community this month?

Update: African Canadian Voice (ACV)

African Canadian Voice (ACV)

Funded by OTF, ACFOLA is very excited to embark the African Canadian Voice (ACV) project, a video and TV series that focus on African Canadian culture and heritage.

ACV is a voice for integration, engagement and inclusion of African Canadians in London and Area. African Canadian Voice is a voice of the community conversation on matters that are relevant to African Canadians and the community at large. This initiative will produce a series of engaging videos that showcase diverse African cultures including:

  • Oral traditions
  • Performing arts (music, dance, theatre etc.)
  • Social practices (rituals, festive and other community events)
  • Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe

The videos we produce will strengthen community ties, build pride and self-confidence in community members, preserve culture and traditional knowledge and share it with the next generation. The videos will also reach the wider community and will be a compelling way to build bridges of understanding and tolerance. The best way to address intolerance associated with diversity is to share ways of life and culture and these videos will make the variety of African cultures in London and Area understandable and help remove stereotypical views.

ACV is a common voice. All communities and individuals are invited to contribute to this great vehicle of unity, understanding and building bridges. Please contact us at office@acfola.ca or call us at 226-289-2668

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Tes Buzamlak – Executive Director & Project Manager

Youth Connect

The Youth Connect team meets on Fridays. Together we have 4 youth participate, one of whom has recently been accepted to Fanshawe College, enrolling September 2019. Unfortunately, we were recently notified that we didn’t get the Trillium fund we applied for even though we had advanced to the final round. That would have been really helpful financially.

Sosina Tilahun – Employment & Settlement Director


Upcoming Events!

Please be on the lookout for these upcoming events:

  • ACFOLA Annual General Meeting and Board Elections
  • Community Fun Day Day – Festival, bazaar and soccer tournament
    • Community members can sell their products at the festival
    • Call for volunteers – Please contact us at office@acfola.ca or (226) 289-2668 to join the organizing committee

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