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OTF funds African Canadian Voices project

On November 2018, the Ontario Trillium Foundation offered ACFOLA a grant of $245,600 to undertake our newest project African Canadian Voices (ACV).

ACV is a voice for integration, engagement and inclusion of African Candians in London and area by adding African Canadian Voice to the community conversation on matters that are relevant to African Canadians and the community at large. This initiative proposes to produce a series of engaging and lively videos that showcases diverse African cultures including:

  • Oral traditions
  • Performing arts (music, dance, theatre etc.)
  • Social practices (rituals and festive events)
  • Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe (cultural classifications and stories about flora and fauna, cultural methods for making life better within the context of the environment, agricultural practices etc.

There are more than 11,000 residents of African origin residing in London and Area who come from diverse African cultures. Some had organized themselves into their own communities such as, Sudanese, South Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other countries that are constituent members of ACFOLA. There are also individual members who do not have their respective communities. ACFOLA gives them a vehicle of belonging and engagement.

The videos will strengthen community ties, build pride and self-confidence in community members, preserve culture and traditional knowledge and share it with the next generation. The videos will also reach the wider community and will be a compelling way to build bridges of understanding and tolerance. The best way to address intolerance of diversity is to share ways of life and culture and these videos will make the variety of African cultures in London and area understandable and personal.