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SGM– September 15  @2pm at Pathways Bldg ( 239 Clarence Street)

Dear Members:

ACFOLA’S SGM will be held on September 15, 2018 at 2 pm at Pathways Bldg 239 Clarence St. On this date the  Director of Election also would like to fill the following  vacancies for serving at Board of Directors of ACFOLA.

1. Public Relation and Communications Director( Open for association members)

2. Employment and Settlement Affairs Director( Open for female individual members)

3. Events and Social Development Affairs Director( Open for any individual member).

4. Secretary (Open for female individual member)

5. Research and Proposal Development Director( Open for Associations)

6. Treasurer(Open for associations)

These vacancies will be filled at the scheduled Special General Meeting(SGM) that will be on September 15, 2018.

All NOMINATIONS, ACCEPTANCE AND SECONDING must be done by members( COPRPORATE AND INDIVIDUAL) who are in good standing up to the year 2017.

You can pay your membership fee by writing a cheque payable to ACFOLA or making and an e-transfer to

You can also submit your nomination to the Director of Elections at

You can also complete the nomination, acceptance and seconding online.

To nominate…

To accept…

To second…

Please refer articles 17.5, 17.6 & 17.8 of the Constitution that relate to each vacancy.

Director of Elections