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ACFOLA, in collaboration with  LONDON MULTICULTURAL ASSOCIATION (LMCA), is participating in  Canada’s 150th Anniversary Multicultural Event   that runs from June 30 – July 2, 2017.Our participation in the event adds our unique African dimension to the celebration. In this celebration we want to showcase our culture, music, food and a short Marathon. In that pursuit, ACFOLA is confident of and counting on extensive involvement of our communities and members.

Any group that wants to get involved in this widely publicized celebration can participate in music performance, food vending, and  a short marathon. The following documents listed below refer to the necessary requirements and formalities for food and performance at the event. Please check them.
Canada 150 performance participation sheet
Canada  150 Special Event Food Vendors Form
Canada  150 Special Event Infomation Package


Completed forms must be sent back to ACFOLA OFFICE by Saturday May 6, 2017 to info@acfola.ca with the subject line Canada 150.

ACFOLA  also wants to ask you to contact people  in your networks and communities(including  in other cities) to particpate in the short Marathon. Please promote this and let us know about your participants.

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