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About the Award

The Hibaq Abdi Award is an incentive award presented to African-Canadian youth currently attending an educational institution. In 2010, the Jeng family in London pledged $200 yearly for an award that will benefit an exceptional African Canadian youth. Hibaq Abdi was the first recipient of the award (in 2010). The award was named in Miss Abdi’s honour because of her amazing, uplifting, and resilient life story, and the hope she brings to many. Subsequently, Faduma Amin, Hibaq’s mother, raised the amount of the award by $50, making the total amount $250. In the past years, the Award was presented at the Annual London Culture Day event of ACFOLA. In 2014, the Culture Day event and award presentation will take place on Saturday, 27 September 2014 at the Boyle Community Centre in London, Ontario.

Who is Hibaq Abdi?


Ms. Hibaq Abdi

Born November 2, 1986, Hibaq Abdi has already built a legacy that most do not achieve in a lifetime. Diagnosed with SpinalMuscular Atrophy (a form of Muscular Dystrophy) at birth, Hibaq Abdi has left no stone unturned and no goal unattained. We often see obstacles as things that will eventually come, but Hibaq sees them as something to overcome. Having survived illnesses such as pneumonia, collapsed lungs, and even being on life support, Hibaq has shown zeal for life in which every day is a day to truly DO something. On top of all her physical setbacks and sicknesses, she is always willing to give to others, even if it seemed like she had nothing left. She graduated top of her class in high school, and went on to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western University and a Diploma in Marketing Management from Fanshawe College . Hibaq Abdi is truly an individual that exudes passion, resilience and altruism.


Apply for the Award

The Application process for the Hibaq Abdi Scholarship is opened each year in the summer. Interested persons should download application form below. Completed form should be submitted by email to info@acfola.ca or by submitted by mail or in person to the ACFOLA Office at Pathways Skills Campus Building, 239 Clarence Street (at Hortons), London, Ontario.

Download Form Here

ACFOLA encourages members, friends of ACFOLA, and members of the London community to donate to our awards fund. Our goal is to give at least five African-Canadian youths the opportunity to receive this incentive yearly. One may also pledge any amount towards a subject area where he or she would like to acknowledge the academic achievements of our African-Canadian youths.

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