Membership of the African Canadian Federation of London and Area (ACFOLA) is your opportunity to participate actively in community affairs and also give back to our community. You can also help to secure the essential and needed services and programs in education, healthcare, social and economic development for the benefit of all African Canadians.


Exclusive deals and rewards for various businesses and services may be  available for ACFOLA members. Visit the Benefits and Rewards page to see the list of participating organizations.


Annual Membership fee:
Regular Members – $25.00,
Students and Seniors – $15.00
Corporate or Association Members – $100.00 and
Sponsor Membership-$50.00


You can activate new membership or renew an existing membership by updating us your information at You can pay your membership fee e-transfer to


Individual Membership: You can apply to become an individual member of ACFOLA. This will give you all the rights and privileges of membership. Friends of ACFOLA are also welcome to apply to register. These friends of ACFOLA will gain Associate Membership status.

Corporate or Association Membership: You can register your organization to become a corporate member of ACFOLA. Corporate Membership is open to any southwestern Ontario members from other African organizations. This will give you all the rights and privileges of membership. Community Partner organizations are also welcome to apply to register as corporate members to gain Associate Membership (Corporate) status.


Individual and Corporate Membership: You can just download and print a paper application form. Complete the form and bring it to the ACFOLA office with your payment. You can also mail the completed form and payment cheque to ACFOLA.

Download and Print Paper Application forms below.

Download Individual Membership Paper Form

Download Corporate Membership Paper Form