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Collaboration Policy

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7Policy Framework for ACFOLA’s Collaboration with other Organizations: A guideline for formation of Collaboration Relationships.

Overall Goal

The overall goal of this guideline / framework is to facilitate the process of forming collaboration relationship with other organizations / institutions for purposes of enhancing synergies and utilization of resource opportunities for socio-economic development.

Definition of Collaboration:

“Collaboration” as a relationship is a continuum, ranging from Networking, Coordinating, Co-operating to Partnering. This continuum demonstrates the extent to which goals, power, resources, risks, successes and accountabilities are shared amongst the collaborating organizations as you move across the scale, from merely networking to partnering (Table 1).

Basic Policy Guidelines:

Before entering into a collaboration agreement or memorandum of understanding, a number of basic questions should be asked. Some questions may not apply, depending on the level of collaboration anticipated or sought (see above):

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