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PLEASE do not forget the AGM will be held on April 29,2017 at 2PM and please SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION! The deadline for nomination is April 25, 2017.Please click here to download the file in order to fill in the form. Completed form can
Please click here to download the file
The deadline for nomination has been extended until further notice. Please click here to download the file in order to fill in the form. Completed form can be scanned and mailed to As a Nominee, Nominator or Seconder you can
ACFOLA members are residents of London and London area. The city of London is known as the Forest City.
Our primary business office is located on the 2nd floor of the Pathways Skills Development Campus at 239 Clarence Street. Please visit our office and attend our meetings and events at various locations across the city.
As an organization that serves the community and the city, our programs and activities are public and are reported through the media - both social and traditional. You can learn more about these by following the link below.
With over 52 countries, Africa is one of the most diverse continents of the world. At ACFOLA, we want to display the various cultures that stems from the African continent to boost Canada's multicultural values. We achieve this through a number of ways.
Our programs and projects include targeted efforts at promoting the economic well-being of our community members in London and area. We encourage entrepreneurship through cooperative ventures and skills enhancement.
We develop programs aimed at helping young African Canadians from 15 to 30 years make informed choices as they navigate through life and career. Our youth development programs include an Empowerment Series and the Youth Mentorship Program.



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