Current Board of Directors

The African Canadian Federation of London and Area (ACFOLA) is registered and operates as a Nonprofit organization in the Canadian Province of Ontario. ACFOLA is an organization that serves and advocates for the inclusion, engagement and integration of African Canadians in community life and development of London and area. The Federation also acts as an umbrella organization for several organizations in the London area. The Federation is governed by its 9 volunteer member board of directors who are elected from its individual and association members. The executive committee members are subsequently elected or appointed from members of the board. The current members of the board and/or executive committee with their positions are shown below.

Executive Committee and Board Members

Dr. Melanie Katsivo

President and Chair of the Board of Directors

The President is entrusted  to run the federation with equity, fairness, team work and vision. She works with accountability for  the general well-being and advancement  of the ACFOLA’s mission. She is responsible for presiding over all General and Annual meetings of the Federation. The president may also serve as ex-officio member of committees and attend their meetings when invited.


Dr. Godin Arku
Vice President

The Vice President assists and collaborates with the President in implementing his/ her duties and executes and oversees tasks assigned by the Board or the Executive Committee. The Vice President also presides over meetings if the President is unable to. In the event that the President resigns, the Vice President will then assume his/her responsibilities.

The Secretary oversees all official correspondence, membership records and Federation documents including: policies, contracts, reports, and proposals. Additionally, the Secretary keeps an updated record of all meeting minutes and is a custodian of the Constitution.


Public Relations Officer and Communications Director
The Public Relations and Communications Director (PRCOM) promotes ACFOLA and the Federation’s events through press releases, media coverage and campaigns. Additionally, the PRCOM attends external events on behalf of ACFOLA. Finally, the PRCOM establishes relationships with people in the media industry as well as with stakeholders.


Research and Proposal Development Director
Along with a committee of volunteers, the Research and Proposal Development Affairs Director oversees the development and execution of a plan for research and proposal development and collaborates with other research and proposal development organizations.


Employment and Settlement Director
Along with a committee of volunteers, the Employment and Settlement Affairs Director promotes employment, inclusion and engagement within the community and advocates for membership employment. The Employment and Settlement Affairs Director provides a Tool Kit for newcomers to assist in settlement. Finally, he/she collaborates and partners with other employment and settlement related organizations


The Treasurer oversees the revenue and expenditure of the Federation as well as the development of fundraising and sustainability strategies. They are responsible for monitoring the bookkeeping system for compliance and must keep an up to date record of all assets and obligations. He/she is also responsible for presenting audited financial statements at the AGMs.

Bashir Adeyemo
Sports and Youth Development Director

Along with a committee of volunteers, the Youth and Sports Affair Director collaborates and partners with other similar organizations to provide sports and youth programs for families.

Events and Social Development Director

Along with volunteers, the Events and Social Development Director oversees the development and execution of events that promote health, education, social issues and culture. He/she collaborates and partners with other events and social development organizations.

Adam Garba
Immediate Past President