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CIGA Orientation Event


ACFOLA, through the LCF Community Vitality fund is promoting community based-income generating activities in London and area. The project aims at lowering the gap between the rich and the poor by creating self-employment opportunities. The underlying principle for the project is that business strength lodges in greater numbers of shareholders when trust is nurtured and financial resources pooled for a common goal. The project has planned to improve the capacity of beneficiaries to actively participate in multi-stake sustainable economic activities.


Orientation to Collaborative Income Generating Activities

OBJECTIVE: Foundation and alignment of community-shareholding of human and financial resources to funding objectives

When: Saturday, March 28, 2015
Where: Pathways Skill Development Campus, 239 Clarence Street (at Horton), London, ON
Time: 1PM – 3PM


Jethro Odanga (Project Manager, ACFOLA-CIGA Project): Benefits of Working in a Group
Jairo Essendi (President, Elevations Co-operative Inc.): Trust as a foundation for collaborative Income Generating Activities: The Case of Elevation Co-op Inc.
Victor Alade (First Brothers Inc.): Major steps in establishing CIGAs
Alana Sutton (The Mortgage Store): Properties and Taxes for the Self-Employed


Each group will identify and propose how to source a hypothetical $250,000 for a viable CIGA

The event is now ended. 

This event was organized through the ACFOLA’s Projects Office and the Employment and Settlement Committee. 


Potentials, Priorities and Financing for Collaborative Business Ventures



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